Beauty in the Valley of Rejection

Inspirational Truth for the One Who Feels Forgotten by God
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"There is beauty to be found through His grace in the valley. There is beauty in who you will ultimately become, as a result of your valley experience."

-Brandi Holness


Brandi Holness' life started on a mountaintop. With a recent degree in journalism, eyes set on New York City, and a man by her side, Brandi would soon be walking out plans she had dreamed about since childhood. However, her plans didn't go as she had hoped. Instead, she encountered set-backs, delays, and closed doors, which slowly sent her seeping into a dark valley of deferred hope.

With little faith and a life full of rejection, Brandi wanted to continue to believe that God had a plan for her life—one that she couldn't possibly fathom. Instead, it seemed like God was the one standing in her way, keeping her from the life of abundance that He promises in His Word. She believed that God had completely forgotten about her.  

However, as Brandi journeyed through her valley, she unexpectedly discovered truth and beauty. With God's grace, she got to the root of her distorted perspective about Him, and about herself.

Like Brandi, you, too, may be in your own valley of rejection, where it seems like God has forgotten you. You may wonder if He really has plans for your life. After experiencing setbacks and delays in your life, you may be wondering if God is angry in His silence.

As you read each chapter of this book and journey through the author's own seasons of rejection, you will be inspired to: 

  • be open to God's plan for your life

  • radically step out of your comfort zone through faith

  • use practical tools to help root out the lies about God and yourself

You don't have to fear the valley because God is with you, trying to show you the beauty in it.