It was an ordinary week. After silencing the annoying siren of my alarm, blaring through my iPhone speaker, I rolled out of bed, knowing I’d be late work. I frantically ironed my clothes, leaving a few wrinkles in them, threw my hair in messy ponytail, gathered my purse and ran out the door. As I made my way to the corner of my block where I wait for the bus, I saw the bus coming, only to realize that I was nowhere near the stop. Thankfully delayed by a red light, I realized there was still a chance for me to reach the stop before the bus, so I ran. The light changed, the minute that I took off. I picked up my speed, running, running and running. I ran so fast it’s almost as if I morphed into a track star. In the back of my mind, I knew the chances of me making it to the stop were not likely. Although the bus driver saw me running, something told me he had no intentions on stopping. He flew right past me, just like I’d imagined he would.

Ba-boom, Ba-boom, Ba-boom, that was the sound I heard as I slowed down to catch my breath. It was the sound of my heart pounding so hard it felt like it was about to come out of my chest. I bent over, at the corner of an intersection with one hand on my knee and one hand on my chest, stopping to catch my breath. As I listened to and felt my rapid heart beet, I suddenly began to weep—and no, it was not because I missed the bus. My heartbeat was a significant reminder of a living and faithful God, and how unfaithful I had been to Him. Just like that morning, I was just running, running, and running, allowing days, weeks and months without acknowledging God pass by. Back then, I was planning a wedding, searching for a new career, and preparing for a new season as a wife. I went to work, and then after, I worked some more. Other than giving God thanks from time to time when I remembered, or asking Him to supply my needs here and there, I was not hardly thinking of Him.

Like we often do, especially when going through change, I allowed the busyness of life come between my Savior and I. Still, God saw fit to think of me. He woke me up every morning, and supplied my every need. Without my request, He provided solutions to the circumstances I was dealing with. Both, faithfully and gracefully, He even took time to regulate, maintain and control my heart; the most important organ, and core of living being. The tears that rolled down my face, were tears of pure gratitude, that constantly God thought of me, even when I didn't think of Him. This reminds me of Psalm 8:4: What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?

Without him, controlling my heartbeat, I would not have been able to complete anything on my earthly agenda. I was living wrong, but He was still doing me right.

Through the sound of my heart, I heard God saying three things: "Slow down," "You’re not alone," and my favorite, "I miss you." He’s a good, good father, who deeply loves and takes excellent care of His children.


Today, you may be going through a transition in your life. Maybe you just got engaged, are expecting a little bundle of joy, or are starting a new career. You could be a new mom, student or newlywed and find it hard spend time with God while juggling all of your other duties. Maybe you're just plain busy, and haven't made time for God. I encourage you not to let the busyness of life get in the way. Let's face it, it happens to the best of us, but I encourage you to slow down and truly get into God’s presence. Afterall, He’s the one allowing your heart to beat so that you have the ability and strength to complete those earthly assignments. He’s thinking of you, giving you what you need, even when you are not thinking of Him. How sweet is He? If you are going through a tough time, and need a reminder of How faithful God can be, I encourage you to stop, and listen to your heart beat.


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