Only Believe

It wasn’t long ago that my heart’s deepest desire was to be a journalist. Before God moved me to New York in 2011, I received a prophetic word that God would promote me. So, I arrived in the Big Apple with expectations that He’d open doors for me immediately, and that I’d climb the career ladder of my dreams rather quickly. Instead, for three years, He opened doors to positions I wasn’t exactly thrilled about, and for three years, I spent my time applying for jobs every day, attending career fairs, and networking. I was trying make my dreams happen on my own, while wondering if journalism was still in God’s plan for me.

My first career choice had always been television production. I wanted to work for a major network as a TV news producer. Many had told me that I had to know somebody in order to break in. After nearly two years of trying to catch a break, I started to believe them. Little did I know that soon, God would prove them wrong and blow me away.


Around December of every year, my former youth pastor releases a word regarding what to expect for the coming year. In December of 2013, the word she had released was that 2014 would be the year that, “Dreams Come True.” Just two weeks prior to receiving this word, I had decided to try a new method to reach my dreams. I created a Reporter Demo Reel, and sent it to small towns all over United States, willing to move an unknown city to begin my career. I’d eventually work my way back to the Big Apple. Believing in my heart that the word spoken was for me, I received it. My eyes lit up and excitement overwhelmed me at the thought of soon landing a reporter position to launch my career. However, as usual, God had other plans.

After sending out countless applications, about four months into 2014, I received a call from small news station in Syracuse, New York inviting me to interview for my first reporter gig. Excited, I immediately booked a hotel, bought a Greyhound ticket, packed a small bag and headed upstate. After giving me a tour of the station, and introducing me to my future colleagues, the News Director, took me out to lunch to get to know me a little more. The conversation went so well, that she even drove me to the Greyhound station to catch my bus back to NYC. This was it, I had finally caught a break, or so I thought.

Months passed, and no word from the News Director regarding the opportunity. My spirit was crushed. Maybe this isn’t the year my dreams will come true. Will God ever allow me to catch a break? I reached out to my spiritual mother, Pastor Patricia Rucker, for some encouragement. During our phone conversation she listened to my concerns. “Time is running out, and soon I’ll be too old to start a career,” I told her. “I am not even sure I am on the right track anymore.” She patiently listened, and then began to pray for me. While she was praying she received a word from the Holy Spirit saying, “You are on the right track, and you are soon to walk into the prayers that your mother, and grandmother have prayed for you.

The word spoken gave me the encouragement needed to continue pushing. Not because they came from a prophet, but because they confirmed the previous word received, that my dreams would come true.


Over the summer, I received a call from a major news network, to be a desk assistant, which is an entry-level news position. I was invited for an interview. The interview went well, but I did not receive an offer. The recruiter told me to check back with her in September as another position would be opening around that time. Remembering her words, when September rolled around, I emailed her, following up. She regretfully explained to me that the position had again, been filled, and she apologized for forgetting to contact me sooner. Again, she told me that she’d keep me in mind for future positions. The year is over, and so are the chances that my dreams will come true, I thought. Although my flesh wanted to give in, my spirit told me that God would deliver on His promise.

I had decided to encourage myself through spending time in God’s presence, by praying and sitting in silence. In the midst of my prayer, I heard the Holy Spirit speak clearly, for the first time. He said three promising words: It is time. My mouth dropped open, in unbelief that I had heard Him so clearly. Excitement came over me and I literally jumped for joy, believing that this meant He’d soon open the door to an amazing career opportunity. However in that moment, not only did He remind me of His promise for promotion, but He also brought a portion of Pastor Patty’s words to my remembrance: you will soon walk into my grandmother’s prayers. My grandmother has prayed many prayers for me, but her main prayer was for me to meet my husband and be happily married. Could it be that my boyfriend, Chris would soon propose to me? God confirmed the answer by sending me frequent dreams about weddings, and rings. I didn’t know it at the time, but He even gave me a glimpse of where the proposal would take place. He sent me a dream of Chris walking down the center aisle of our church, during Praise and Worship, with an open ring box in his hands. Indeed, God had made it clear that I’d be hearing wedding bells soon. But, just how soon would they ring?

On the surface, it didn’t seem like I was anywhere near marriage. For starters, Chris had just started working over the summer. Prior to that, he had been unemployed for an extensive amount of time. He had only been working for four short months when God began warning me that Chris would propose. Logic told me that Chris would want to get his footing and work for a couple of years, building his money and career before he bought a ring. Not to mention that he avoided conversations regarding marriage at all costs. He just didn’t seem to be ready. As far as the east is from the west, so far did marriage seem from Chris’ mind. One day while trying to encourage myself through the Word I came across Mark 5:36: As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, "Be not afraid, only believe.” No lie, I had probably read this scripture a thousand times. But this time, God brought me revelation, teaching me that believing is the key to seeing the promise come to pass.

When God gives us a word, we have a choice: either we can receive and believe that word, or doubt it. Like many of us do when we don’t see God’s promises come to pass in the timeframe that we created, or in the form that we expected, my faith often wavered; especially after trying to have a conversation with my boyfriend about marriage. However, it’s simple, when we find that our faith has wavered, it simply means we do not believe. God’s word says, that if we do not doubt in our hearts, we will indeed have what we ask for and we will see His promises come to pass( See Mark 11:23). It says, in fact, that when we ask, we MUST BELIEVE and not doubt.

I finally chose to believe regardless of what reality told me. I believed so much that if you were to take a glimpse into my journal from 2014, you’d think that I was in on a little secret between my boyfriend and God. I did not see my ring, but it became a fact in my heart that it was indeed coming. That's exactly what faith is - evidence of what you cannot see? (See Hebrews 11:1)

Although, God had warned me that my ring was coming soon, I had no idea how close I truly was wearing it on my finger. Knowing that it was close, however, gave me anxiety about the fact that my career was not in place. I knew I couldn’t control when my boyfriend would propose to me, but I thought I could at least control when I would land an opportunity. So I kept my focus on my career goals. Wanting to be in control of the order in which things happened, and believing that I had a little time: I prayed the following prayer on September 26, 2014:

Lord, I know my husband is bringing forth a ring within 6 months. So, father, I ask in Jesus name that the job you have for me would come before I get my ring.

Two weeks later, on October 5th, God sure showed me who was in control. After Praise and Worship, the Pastor of our church called my boyfriend on stage to pay him “recognition” for all that he does for the church. Being that it was also Chris’ birthday and my family was in town“visiting,” I was ecstatic that they would see him be recognized for all of his hard work. Then things took an interesting, yet glorious turn. The pastor handed the mic to Chris to say a few words. What could he possible have to say? Chris then asked me to come up on stage. What is going on? Before I reached the stage, he was on one knee, asking for my hand in marriage. Is this really happening? It felt like I had transitioned from reality to a dream. My engagement was not only close; it was right under my nose. I was so shocked that I forgot to say, “yes.” I was sitting next to my grandma that day, and when I came back to my seat, her eyes were filled with tears as she hugged me and said, “Brandi, I am so happy for you.” Grandma’s prayer for me had been answered, and one of my long-awaited dreams had come true. God had delivered on His promise. What a glorious surprise!

Happy was an understatement. I had unexplainable joy. I’ve never felt more humbled in my life than I felt that day, and I had never seen God’s glory in that way before. I was truly thankful. However, there was still one factor looming over me: my career. I decided to stay focused and believe.


Two weeks after my engagement, I received an email from the same recruiter that had contacted me earlier in the year regarding the opportunity at a major network. She told me that she had another position open. I couldn’t believe that she remembered me this time. She invited me in for an interview, during which the most amazing thing happened. Towards the end, she said, “Do you mind if I help you with your resume? I just know what they are looking for.” After I handed her my resume, she started marking it up with suggested changes, and said, “ Go home and make these changes, then send it back to me.” I was taken aback. I had never experienced God’s favor like that before. Due to the changes that she suggested, I made it to the second round to meet with the Hiring Manager.

Nevertheless, even after God showed me His favor, I felt really discouraged because it didn’t seem like the interview went too well. God was faithful to remind me again, “Only believe.” This time, however, I had a little trouble believing. After telling a few of my mentors about the opportunity, they were compelled to help me obtain the position. They had contacts throughout the organization I was interviewing with, and even knew the Hiring Manager. They asked me if I would like them to put in a “good word” for me, meaning a recommendation. Out of fear that I would not get the job, I initially answered, "yes," and asked them to go right ahead and send their notes to the contacts that they had within the organization I was interviewing with. Right then the Holy Spirit spoke again, and He said, “I don’t need your help, I can do this all by myself.” What?! After receiving His instruction, I immediately reached out to those mentors and asked them not to send any notes on my behalf. They were all looking at me like I was crazy. In that moment, however, God was challenging me once again to trust Him and to only believe. It was almost as if He was saying, “I helped you get this far in the process, what makes you think that I need your help now?” You didn’t apply for this job, and you received help to get to through to the next round. You should know by now that I got this.” Weeks later, I received an offer to be an employee for one of the most-watched television networks in this country. God had done for me, what I had tried to do for years on my own, and showed me that all things happen in His time, not mine. He had proved the naysayers who told me that it couldn’t be done, wrong, further revealing that I didn’t have to know anyone, I just had to know the ONE who knows everyone.

I never imagined that I would live and work in the city that some refer to as, “The City of Dreams,” otherwise known as New York City. I never have ever imagined that I would walk the halls as an employee of one of America’s most-watched television networks. I never imagined that I would experience God’s glory while standing in front of an entire church congregation, as my soon-to-be husband kneeled to ask for my hand in marriage. I now experience the immense love of Christ, through being his wife. And, I never imagined that I'd share pieces of my journey to encourage and inspire a child of God like you. Nevertheless, living a life that you once only imagined in your dreams is a result of what happens not only when you give your life to God, but also when you choose to only believe.

Three Truths:

First, you don’t have to know anyone; you just have to know the one that knows everyone. God created every single last person that you need to come in contact with in this life, trust Him to make those divine connections for you. Afterall, He is the ultimate connection.

Second, God does not need your help. He is God on the thrown and God alone. Don’t get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with receiving help, networking, creating contacts and ultimately doing your part. After all, faith without works is really dead.Know, however, that God is more than able to make your impossible situation, possible.

Which brings me to my third point, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE to him that chooses to ONLY BELIEVE (Matthew 19:26). Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is too hard for God.

"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27

Encouragement and Prayer:

Today, if you have a dream in your heart that you desire to see fulfilled, or a long awaited prayer that you desire to see answered, I challenge you to choose to only believe, and watch what your Heavenly Daddy does for you. On the surface, the task at hand may look impossible to you, but often when it looks that way, it is because we are trying to figure things out on our own. Know that the task is not too hard for God, and remember that all things happen in His time. He knows best. If you have been getting in God’s way, you are ultimately getting in your own way. I encourage you take a step back. Remember that He is God on the thrown and God alone. Allow Him to be the God that He desires to be in your life. May I remind you, that He actually looks for opportunity to show off for you? Thank Him for the mountains in your life that seem impossible to move, because through them, you’ll experience the glory, that takes place when you choose believe.

Prayer: Father I pray for your son or daughter who may be reading this post. I ask Lord that you help them to completely let go of their life and hand it over to you. If they are struggling to believe, I ask that you’d increase their faith. I’ve seen what you can do father. I pray, that you’d wrap your loving arms around them, reminding them that you have not forgotten them. Finally, I pray Lord, that you’d knock the socks off of their feet. Blowing them away, and show them the great power comes when we choose to believe in You and your Word. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

It is the last quarter of the year, and you may be thinking it’s over, but it’s not over until God says so. What would take years for us to accomplish, He could do in no time. What have you been waiting on God to do? There is still plenty of time in 2017 for Him to surprise you. Stand on the word He’s given you, and choose to believe.


I am beyond excited to announce that in 2018, my very first book is coming out. If you have experienced rejection, disappointment, set-back, and delay, then this book is for you. Be on the look out, and subscribe to the blog for the latest updates.

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